Experience and reliability are fundamental qualities in the agricultural sector, where the perfect preservation of silage and of its organoleptic properties is an absolute need. The extra-strong 100% recyclable stretch film by Manupackaging is the best solution.

AGRIFLEX® EVOLUTION 5+, the latest generation of agricultural stretch film from Manupackaging, is: multilayer, 100% recyclable, highly stress-resistant; flexible, strong and tear-resistant. Tested and wrapped on all known models of wrappers and wrapper combinations for round or square bales, the film has proven its reliability millions of times. The use of the latest generation of raw materials has led to the development of an incredibly strong yet flexible film, which is processed very quietly. It attaches perfectly to the bale, optimally seals it, and can be perfectly cut afterwards. Thanks to the completely new composition and improved properties, it offers optimum reliability and workability as well as perfect results at a low cost.

  • 100% recyclable multilayer film.
  • Best mechanical properties & cling capacity.
  • UV stability, 12 months top forage quality guarantee.
  • Highest oxygen barrier.
  • Optimal puncture and tear resistance.
  • Suitable on round & square bales.
  • Consistent high performance in all weather conditions and long-haul transportation.
  • Proven performance on millions of bales.
  • Suitable on all bale wrappers.

AGRIFILM® EVOLUTION 5+ is a multi-layer net replacement film of the latest generation from Manupackaging. The 100% recyclable replacement of the conventional wrapping net improves the quality of feed through a higher oxygen barrier (compared with the use of a conventional wrapping net) when using a film/film (AGRIFLEX® EVOLUTION 5+ / AGRIFILM® EVOLUTION 5+, combination). This special film replaces the net when wrapping your bales. It can be used on all modern presses (installed ex-factory or using a retrofit kit). It minimizes the risk of mould formation, and facilitates disposal. A more reliable result with the same effort.

  • Increased oxygen barrier when used in combination with film, like AGRIFLEX® and AGRIFILM®.
  • Separation from film is not necessary, because both products are polyethylene based and 100% recyclable (this allows time and labour saving).
  • Bales wrapped using AGRIFILM® are more compact and can be opened easily.
  • The film-on-film combination allows tighter bales, improved fermentation, less waste and an increased number of bales wrapped.
  • Can be used on new different round bale wrappers, old generation bale wrappers may require the installation of an extra kit.
  • Suitable for use on various crops, especially grass.