Manupackaging manufactures high performance CPP films under brand name Manucast®. Manucast®’s resistance makes it the ideal film for preserving the qualities of packaged items. In addition, its shininess enhances the products’ appearance, a definitive advantage in a sector where product presentation and display are a fundamental factor in consumer purchasing dynamics. Manucast® is recommended for use coupled with other backing and supports, both in food packaging (pasta, snacks and bakery products), as well as in several other application sectors, such as textile, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and detergent industries. Manucast® is further proof of Manupackaging unceasing commitment to full customer satisfaction.

Manucast® L

Typical use: lamination and printing applications.

Manucast® B

Typical use: bags. Thanks to its good impact resistance is particular useful for vertical loading of bags. Typical application is bag for bread, fruits and vegetables and other goods, manual or automatic packaging.

Manucast® B High-Impact

Typical use: it is particular useful for vertical loading of bags, within temperature range of 0-30°C. Typical applications are heavier duty packaging.

Manucast® B2

Typical use: bags. Sealable on both, treated and untreated side.

Manucast® P

Typical use: it is aimed for packaging that has to be submitted to pasteurization process at low temperature (65°C for 30 minutes) and at high temperature (85°C for 10-15 seconds).

Manucast® S

Typical use: it is aimed at retortable applications for food from refridgerator to microwave application, especially for stand-up pouches due to its high rigidity and easy tear property for easy opening function.

Manucast® TS 105

Typical use: it’s aimed for lamination and printing. This product is particularly suitable for welding rate at 100-120 shoulders per minute, with sealing initiation temperature at 105°C.

Manucast® D

Typical use: very high impact resistance bags with high resistance to low temperature. It’s specially aimed for frozen product (-18°C) with high impact proprieties.

Manucast® PL

Typical use: it is aimed at lamination purposes for lidding films of any food packiaging. The sealing of CPP-PP as well ad CPP-CPP is applicable.