Manulock® is a family of multilayer products, that guarantees the highest reliability for the protection of pallets and goods unitisation during transportation, transit and storage. Thanks to its sophisticated raw materials combination, special structure and the Manupackaging technology, it offers several unique advantages, including great elasticity and extensibility.

Manulock® HC

Main application sector: building, chemicals, bagged goods, general.

Manulock® HD

Main application sector: home appliances, bricks and cement, general.

Manulock® HL

Main application sector: anti “holing” and in general where high stretch is needed.

Manulock® MD

Main application sector: composts, cardboards, garden bagged goods and EVA free applications.

Manulock® HCN

Main application sector: containers and cans, bagged goods, applications where extra high holding force and extra stiffness is required.