Sustainable packaging? Together we can make it possible! 100% recyclable, 100% biodegradable, low environmental impact, highly efficient degradation process, no micro plastics, new generation of non-oxo-degradable solutions.

Reinventing ourselves for the future, to reinvent packaging for you

To all our valued customers and partners, 2019 is the year Manuli Stretch celebrates its 50th anniversary. As we celebrate this milestone, we are continuing to reinvent our packaging to provide customers with more cost effective and environmentally sustainable products and solutions, without compromising quality and service. To show our commitment towards developing and improving our products, we are globally rebranding our image; with immediate effect, Manuli Stretch will now be known as Manupackaging.

Press release 17/10/2018

We are pleased to inform you that on 25th September 2018, Manuli Stretch S.p.A (the “Company”) has been acquired by Oxy Capital Italia S.r.l (“Oxy”) and renamed “M Stretch S.p.A.”. The Manuli family, which set up the Company in Italy more than 40 years ago, keeps a minority shareholding in the Company.