• Increased oxygen barrier when used in combination with film, like AGRIFILEX® and AGRIFILM®.
  • Separation from film is not necessary, because both products are polyethylene based and 100% recyclable (this allows time and labour saving).
  • Bales wrapped using AGRIFILM® are more compact and can be opened easily.
  • The film-on-film combination allows tighter bales, improved fermentation, less waste and an increased number of bales wrapped.
  • Can be used on new different round bale wrappers, old generation bale wrappers may require the installation of an extra kit.
  • Suitable for use on various crops, especially grass.


Key features and standard sizes

roll width 1300 mm 1400 mm
roll length 2000 m 2000 m
thickness 16 μm 16 μm
colors white white
performance on the edge over the edge
Agricultural film compactor